Land Rover 90 Defender

There probably isn’t a more capable off-road vehicle in the world that matches the performance of the Land Rover 90 Defender. What makes this vehicle so good off-road are a combination of the following –

  • short wheel base
  • independent suspension
  • excellent axle articulation
  • low centre of gravity
  • excellent power to weight ratio
  • a locking centre differential providing drive to both axles

Like its larger brother, the 110, the Land Rover 90 Defender comes in various layouts. For people who want to carry a load and have people in the rear as well there are folding seats running along the sides of the rear. There is a van option with an empty rear and solid side panels. Finally there is a pick-up version of the 90 as well.

Land Rover 90 Defender

Here we have a highly modified and well equipped Defender 90. These travellers have a roof tent, side awning, two spare wheels, externally mounted gas bottle, kitchen equipment and boxes full of spares and tools.

Regarding engines there have been a large amount of changes and options during the years. There have been standard diesels, turbo changed diesels, electronically manage diesels, standard four cylinder petrol engines and V8 petrol models. As time goes by the advances of technology are being applied to the Land Rover engines and engine diagnostics are being carried out by computer.

The uses for the Land Rover 90 Defender are as extensive as the 110 Defender. Any organisation that uses 110 Defenders in its fleet are likely to also use the 90. For example –

  • the armed forces of many countries.
  • the police.
  • fire brigade.
  • mountain rescue.
  • Non Governmental Organizations in developing countries.
  • sporting events.
  • the farming and horse riding communities.
  • travellers and explorers

As with the 110 Defender, the 90 has had many limited editions as well, ranging from exterior alterations and interior trim changes  up to alloy wheels and bull bars.