Defender 90 Conversions

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The 90″ Wheelbase is the smallest of the Defenders and gives the 90 a mobile and nippy feel which is why you will often see the 90 in an urban environment and also what makes it the perfect candidate for a soft top conversion. Whether you a cruising along country roads or parked at the beach, the 90 soft top is the ultimate Summer Defender!

Our signature soft top conversion would include the following:

Safety Devices hood stick replacement roll cage – Safety is paramount and we believe roll cages should be in all Defenders, especially soft tops with nothing but Fabric over your head.
Mohair hood – A premium quality material used on high end convertibles such as Bentley, Audi etc. Superior to Canvas and longer lasting.
Rear half door conversion – When converting from a soft top, the existing rear door is cut down and capped creating an outward swinging half door with standard handle, lock etc and Mantec Swing away wheel carrier.


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