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A Land Rover is a highly capable vehicle as it is, however many people take their vehicles to places where there is no roadside assistance, supermarkets or even reliable repair facilities. It is bearing this in mind that when you plan an overland adventure you must consider taking with you various pieces of equipment to suit the environment you will be travelling through.

There are also additional items you can buy and fit which makes life easier or even safer for you whilst on the move.

Here is a short list which is an example of products available for overland travel.

  • High lift jack
  • Water jerry cans
  • Fuel jerry cans
  • Locking centre cubby boxes
  • Under-floor safe
  • Additional door locks
  • Spare wheel carrier

The above list can be an endless one. Please take a look at the pictures below which show a variety of expedition equipment Foleys have supplied and fitted.

To help you with your planning and preparation we have made a check list for you to download. Overland Equipment Checklist.

Don’t forget to take a look at our parts page section entitled ‘Overland Equipment‘.

Should you need any advice on the equipment, the buying or the fitting of it please feel free to contact us.

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