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There are many things you can do to improve your safety whilst travelling through extreme environments. You can take with you various means of communication, an extensive first aid kit, water purification equipment, etc.

The item at the top of our list of safety equipment to be fitted to your vehicle is a roll cage. You will be driving for extended periods of times on poorly surfaced roads, in a heavily loaded vehicle and, most of the time, in countries with poor vehicle safety records.

A roll cage is something that you pray will never be needed, but in the event of an accident you will be glad you had one.

Roll Bar

Full External Roll Bar fitted at Foleys


The images below illustrates the importance of a roll bar.

Paul's 90 edit before and after 2


“The roll bars saved my life – the roof above the passenger seat took the brunt off the impact – and was crushed a bit even with the roll bar. Without the roll bar the unimaginable would have happened. ” – A comment from the customer who had an accident in this Defender 90 in Turkmenistan while on an overland trip from Hong Kong to the UK.

Should you wish to have a roll cage fitted please visit our parts page where you can view more pictures of Roll Cages we have fitted.


Here we have an article we wrote on the subject – Roll Cages

If you have any doubt about any aspect of your vehicle’s safety equipment or should you need help buying and fitting equipment please feel free to contact us.