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Paul and Stuart have both been involved in the business for many years. Paul lived in Zambia, Africa and owned Foley’s Africa Ltd (Land Rover Garage) for 9 years and has travelled over 60,000 miles exploring Southern Africa. He also started Livingstone 4×4 Hire (Zambia) and built this up to 15 hire vehicles before it was sold in 2005. Paul has a great knowledge of what is required when Overlanding and continues to visit Africa on a yearly basis keeping his passion alive. 

Stuart has also spent 2 years in Africa (Zambia) as part owner of Livingstone 4×4 Hire and has driven parts of Sothern Africa in that time. Back in 1995/6 he drove across America (East to West and North to South) and has also Explored Australia by car and 4×4 on a 20,000 mile road trip. He continues to travel as much as possible.

Nick Foley (Paul’s Son) is now also part of the Team. He was educated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and has Africa and Land Rovers in his blood. He has already driven London to Timbuktu, Mali and in 2011 drove London to CapeTown (Rugby in Africa) in part of a 2 vehicle team.

Foleys have two locations in Southern Africa which we work closely with;

Foley’s Africa: located in Livingstone Zambia. Nick Selby, the current owner, Bought the company from from Paul when he left Africa and returned to the UK in 2004. We still work closely with Nick and are always in regular contact.  (,

Ollie: located in Windhoek, Namibia Paul has known and worked with Ollie since 1997. Ollie handles all of our shipping in Namibia as well as servicing and storing vehicles. (



Foley Land Rovers in Africa

Foley Land Rovers in Africa