A Buyer’s Guide to a Used Land Rover

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Are you looking into buying a used Land Rover, maybe a 110 Defender or a 300 Tdi Discovery? If so, we here at Foley Specialist Vehicles can help you through the potential minefield of buying a used vehicle. “Isn’t buying a used Land Rover like buying a normal used car?” we hear you ask. In some respects it is, however, you are also looking at buying a vehicle that has the potential to drive over a multitude of different types of terrain and carry heavy loads. It is points like these that mean you have to be extra aware when buying a used Land Rover or other off road vehicle.

Some basic points to consider before buying any used car, not just a Land Rover, include the following:

What is your budget?

Knowing, and sticking to, a budget is a wise move when buying a used Land Rover or car. This helps you avoid financial difficulties in the future. However, a fixed budget will only allow you to buy an appropriately priced vehicle and the less money you have the older and, possibly, the less reliable your car/4×4 will be.

If you are mechanically minded then buying an older used land Rover might not be too bad an idea due to the amount of spares available on the market today for all vehicles of the Land Rover badge and the ease with which Land Rovers can be worked upon.

Foley Specialist Vehicles will consider taking various vehicles in part exchange for a new or used Land Rover purchased. Please enquire beforehand as to the value of your trade in.

What Used Land Rover is Right for You?

There are many different makes and models of Land Rovers available today, the question is “Which used Land Rover is right for me?”.

To help you and your decision making, here are a few points to consider and questions to ask yourself:

  • What will be my approximate annual mileage and will that be mostly on roads or am I going to be doing some, or a lot, of off-road driving?
  • How much comfort am I seriously expecting? A used Land Rover Discovery has great off road potential and is more comfortable than a 110 Defender but a 110 has more potential for modification and durability.
  • A 90 Defender is a super nimble off-roader’s dream-come-true but is limited in size, so again ask yourself what you will be using the used Land Rover for.

When buying a used Land Rover from us here at Foley Specialist Vehicles we will actually ask you these questions and try to help steer you towards a vehicle that we, with our vast experience in the industry, think you would be better suited.

Assess the Seller

We know that not everyone who visits us buys our used Land Rovers but this isn’t going to stop us on giving you good advice on how to buy a Land Rover from someone else.

First impressions are still a good sign of whether or not you are getting yourself a good buy or whether the seller is a trustworthy individual. The seller of the used Land Rover should know everything there is to know about its past and its current condition. Always ask to see the paperwork of any promised service histories or MOTs.

If you are buying from a private individual always view the vehicle at the same address that the vehicle is registered to, or if from a used Land Rover dealer view the vehicle at their premises.

Inspecting the Used Land Rover

This chapter of buying a used vehicle could be a very long one and it depends on your mechanical awareness as to whether or not you will spot any problems.

The main things to check are always the legal documents that come with any used vehicle. Look for any irregularities in the various codes and serial numbers.

Obviously view the vehicle in daylight and make sure it is dry (don’t fall for the excuse that they have just washed it for you- a wet vehicle hides many dents and scratches and makes you less likely to crawl under it!).

A genuine seller of a vehicle will never deny you the right to test drive the car or Land Rover. However, it is down to your own level of mechanical awareness again whether or not you can spot faults.

If you are buying from a used Land Rover dealer then you can have some piece of mind by negotiating some kind of warranty with the purchase.