Land Rover 110 Defender

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Are you looking into buying a Land Rover 110 Defender? If so, Foley Specialist Vehicles has a lifetime of experience in dealing with these sturdy workhorses.

There are many reasons why a Land Rover 110 Defender would be the ideal vehicle for you. Do you fall into any of these following categories?

  • The need to tow trailers or horseboxes and still have excellent traction and control over the vehicle and trailer on all types of  surfaces.
  • You need access to areas where a standard two wheel drive system wouldn’t provide you with enough traction or ground clearance, such as building sites, farming areas or places where there simply isn’t a road at all.
  • Do you want to visit far off lands and explore countries with poor roads and infrastructures and ample opportunity to cross extremely rugged terrain?
  • Or, quite simply, do you want to drive one of the most iconic British vehicles of all time?

The Land Rover 110 Defender has come along way since it was first released. It is more economical, comfortable and reliable. No longer is this vehicle solely the choice of people who wear Wellington boots 99% of their working day.

If it is a Land Rover 110 Defender you are after then we here at Foley Specialist Vehicles can help you choose the right model to fit into your lifestyle.

The Land Rover 110 Defender comes in quite a few different variations.

  • Do you want three or five door? The three door version having a much larger rear storage area.
  • What engine size and fuel type do you prefer? A standard diesel turbo, a very modern electronically controlled diesel engine or a powerful V8 petrol version.
  • The are a huge amount of aftermarket additions that can be added to make your 110 Defender safer, more practical or comfortable, we can show you all these and help you make up your mind.

If you are considering buying a four wheel drive vehicle for the first time then please feel free to visit us to discuss the pros and cons of owning a Land Rover 110 Defender. You will be shown around the vehicle, the interior controls and seating arrangements will be explained to you and you will be able to view the variety of vehicles we always have in stock here.

If you are unsure about driving a Land Rover 110 Defender then there are hundreds of driver training schools who specialise in helping you understand the handling of the 4×4 on and off the road. We, as an official Land Rover workshop, always recommend Land Rover’s own Land Rover Experience. However, a quick search on the internet might reveal a driver training centre nearer your home. Not to mention the many Land Rover owners clubs that are up and down the country. These clubs organise off-road driving days and you’ll meet like minded vehicle owners all having a great time in their 110 Defenders and other models.

For the individual or group that want the ideal expedition vehicle then the Land Rover 110 is today’s vehicle of choice. Extremely tough, easy to modify, plenty of spares available no matter where in the world you are. Foley Specialist Vehicles has plenty of experience in overland travel through Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere so we can help you choose the right extras for your 110 Defender and advise you on other matters to make your trip a safe and enjoyable one.