Land Rover 130 Defender

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Foley Specialist Vehicles has a great history working with the Land Rover 130 Defender.

“How do I know if a Land Rover 130 Defender would be the ideal vehicle for me?” That is an easy question. Do any of the following phrases apply to you?

  • The need to tow trailers or horseboxes and still have excellent traction and control over the vehicle and trailer on all types of surfaces.
  • You need access to areas where a standard two wheel drive system wouldn’t provide you with enough traction or ground clearance, such as building sites, farming areas or places where there simply isn’t a road at all.
  • Are you a large group that wishes to travel overland through adventurous routes, visiting new countries and you want plenty of room for supplies?
  • Or, same as the 110 Defender, quite simply, do you want to drive one of the most iconic British vehicles of all time?

The Land Rover 130 Defender is also the vehicle of choice for many after-market conversions. This is something that the Foley family have a lot of history in. The list of conversions available for the 130 are endless.

  • You can have a 130 Defender Tipper conversion.
  • A 130 Defender can be converted into an ambulance.
  • A crew cab 130 with a pick-up style rear with a box body is a great building/construction site workhorse.
  • How about a spacious, highly capable, vehicle for the larger families out there.

We here at Foley Specialist Vehicles have worked on the Land Rover 130 Defender ever since they were first introduced and we are lucky in that we have now gained experience in working with customers all over the world.

Are you ready to make the change from your usual everyday vehicle to a Land Rover 130 Defender? If so you wont be disappointed.

The first thing you will notice is the nice high up driving position (although not too high as to affect the centre of gravity whilst off road), it is nice to step into a Land Rover as opposed to sitting down into a car.  The standard power steering makes manoeuvring the 130 a breeze and even though it is a long vehicle it is still a pleasure to drive.  The engine choices mean you can be economical with the diesel or you can have the power of a V8 for more strenuous uses.

If you are interested in a 130 Defender, or having a conversion, then please do not hesitate to contact us.