Land Rover 90 Defender

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Just like its larger brothers, the 110 and the 130, the 90 Defender has all the qualities that has made the Defender range of Land Rovers world famous.

The Land Rover 90 Defender, to begin with, keeps the iconic shape of its close relatives but just has a shorter wheelbase. It also is possible to modify the looks of the vehicle in pretty much the same way, and using virtually all the same parts as well, for example – alloy wheels, interior trim, colour schemes, etc. The list of additional extras for the 90 is an extensive one, if you have any ideas or requests then please contact us.

There are many reasons why people want a Land Rover 90 Defender rather than one of its larger brothers.

  • Due to its short wheelbase and excellent axle articulation the 90 Defender is one of the best performing off road vehicles in the world.
  • The rear of the vehicle can seat four people or, with the seats folded away, it has a generously sized area for load carrying.
  • The Land Rover 90 Defender has the same engine options as the rest of the Defender range (diesel and petrol models) but due to its lighter weight there is an increase in fuel economy.
  • If you live in a built up area or are a commuter in rush hour traffic then the size of the 90 is easier to handle.

Families who like to explore ‘off the beaten track’ would naturally opt for a 110 or maybe a 130 Defender. However, a couple or an individual will find the load carrying space in a 90 highly adequate and people have even explored Africa and other far flung places in a 90 Defender.

As we mentioned earlier, the optional extras available for the Land Rover 90 Defender are the same its big brothers. So if it is an overland journey you are looking into then you will not be stuck when it comes to kitting out the 4×4.

  • Bull bars
  • A winch
  • Roof rack
  • Sump guard
  • Differential guard
  • Raised air intake
  • Roll cage

All the above, and much more, can be fitted to your 90.

Due to its extremely high performance in an off-road environment the Land Rover 90 Defender is very popular in the off-road sporting arena. There are Land Rover owners clubs up and down the country who organise off-road events so you can put your vehicle through its paces. Many of these events are for ‘road standard’ vehicles so you can enjoy the performance of your new Land Rover without having to spend more money on additional equipment.

Also of importance, despite the small size and weight of the Land Rover 90 Defender, it is still able to pull quite a considerable weight in a trailer. This helps many users overcome the smaller internal storage area. Please don’t exceed manufacturers recommendations when it comes to towing weights as the short wheelbase of the 90 Defender will easily be made unstable when braking or going into corners.

As with all Land Rover Defenders Foley Specialist Vehicles can help you with any modifications, such as –

  • modifications to suit a country’s laws when exporting.
  • extra equipment for off-road driving or overland travelling.
  • functional modifications for specific tasks – for users like the police, military, mountain rescue or companies with specific health and safety requirements.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about buying and using a Land Rover 90 Defender.