Land Rovers in Africa

There are no three words that belong in the same sentence more so than ‘Land Rover’ and ‘Africa’. From its first release it was clear that this mark of vehicle had a home in the jungles, deserts and savannahs of Africa.

Land Rovers success in Africa was due to several points –

Ruggedness. The Land Rover range of vehicles, especially the Defenders and early Series models, are tough! People who have ever watched on TV the Camel Trophy event or gone off-roading in one know of there near indestructible nature. Vehicles have been crashed, rolled over and driven heavily loaded over rough terrain but they all seem to take it in their stride.

An old Land Rover still going strong!


Agility. The various terrains that the African continent has to offer are various and sometimes treacherous. Deep sand, deep mud, dried mud with deep tire ruts, rocks of all sizes and smoothness, river crossings, steep mountainous climbs, etc. The Land Rover in its basic form is capable of travelling over many different ground types without any form of special modification.

Ease of Repair. Most models of Land Rover have very simple mechanics. Yes, things will break over the course of a long overland African journey but the ease of repair and availability of parts makes life easier. Also, a spare parts pack to take with you as an emergency is easy to arrange and easy to use. Due to Land Rover being used in Africa from is first release there is now a huge amount of capable mechanics and garages should people need help … and some of these are in the most unlikely places.

Load Carrying. It is no good having an all-terrain vehicle that has all the above features but you can’t carry anything in it. The Land Rover series of vehicles have excellent load carrying abilities, enough for the local population to carry produce, travellers can carry camping equipment and their spares and tools and non-governmental organisations can use their vehicles for personal and equipment.