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We stock and supply Brownchurch, Front Runner, Safety Devices & Patriot Roof Racks. We have more available than currently showing, so please do call.

All prices are +VAT


Defender 90 Roof Racks

90 Full Length 91 System (91/NS/LR)

Black finish full length roof rack for Defender 90 or 3/4 length for Defender 110

Price : 300

90 Full length roof rack (LR10/95)

Heavy Duty Galvanized to BS729 Full Length General Purpose Roof Rack for Defender 90, Gutter mounted

Price : 288

Defender 110 Roof Racks

110 Full Length tubular steel roof rack - Galvanized

Full length, Galvanized, 8 legs, easy fitting

Price : £400

91 System for Full External Roll Bar Roof Rack

91 System Roof rack for fitting to Full external roll bar

Price : £550

110 Expedition Roof Rack

Expedition roof rack, heavy duty, galvanized steel with 12 legs, Front and rear supports, drilling required. Available with tent opening front or rear (as pictured)

Price : £495

110 Full Length Roof Rack (LR10/95)

Galvanized steel box roof rack, 8 Legs, Easy fitting

Price : £267

110 Full Length Tubular Steel Roof Rack (91/NL/LR/EXT)

Black Nylon Coated or Galvanized version available, please ask for details

Price : £470


Rear Access Ladders

Roof Rack ladder Galvanized

Galvanized ladder for Defenders with Heavy duty Roof rack

Price : 62

91 System Ladder LR/17/N

Black nylon coated ladder to suit Land Rover with cut out for number plate to Match 91 System roof rack. Can also be supplied in Galvanized finish, this ladder is mounted to the roof of the vehicle.

Price : 67



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