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At Foley SV we are proud to keep Defenders on the road (and off-road). We have completed all manor of restorations, be it a full rebuild from the ground up, full mechanical overhauls or cosmetic touch ups. With the value of Defenders being so high, a rebuild is a viable way to keep enjoying and owning a Land Rover. Often being referred to as a member of the family, Defenders carry a sentimental value for most owners,  so selling theirs and buying another is not an option (not always the best option regardless). We offer a comprehensive rebuild process where we start with a full and thorough mechanical and chassis condition report which determines the level of restoration the vehicle needs. 


Generally for a rebuild, we use the following guidelines but for other levels of restoration, these can be added or deleted:

  • New, Marsland galvanised chassis 
  • Springs and shocks all round
  • All bushes
  • Brake pipes where required
  • Galvanised body crossmember (110 & 130 only)
  • Galvanized suspension turrets



  • Powdercoat of chassis in any colour
  • Plastic tank (upgrade for early vehicles)
  • Reconditioned or New Engine (depending on model)
  • Reconditioned gearbox
  • Reconditioned transferbox
  • Axles overhauled 
  • Full mechanical inspection and replacement of all parts necessary done prior to chassis change