Roll Cages

All vehicles made today are tested to extremely high levels before they are sold to the public, Land Rovers are no exception. But there are people out there and events happening that take the protection offered to the driver and passenger to the limits. When these limits are reached then extra protection, in case the vehicle is rolled, is required.

The roll cage is the term used for a frame like system, normally made from tubular steel, fitted to a vehicle to provide extra protection in the case of a roll over. Roll cages can be fitted inside or outside the vehicle.

Time when a roll cage might be used include the following –

  • high speed motor racing, track or rally events.
  • vehicles travelling at high speed over uneven terrain.
  • vehicles driving on slippery surfaces like gravel roads.
  • cars, trucks or off-road vehicles heavily loaded and possibly top heavy.

The Defender series of Land Rovers have a variety of roll cage versions. There is a simple interior cage that has two lateral bars over the passenger area. Next is complete protection to the front cabin with the front of the roll cage being external. You can also opt for a full body roll cage with protection all the way to the rear of the vehicle. These three examples for the Land Rover Defender are not the only models available, if you look into the world of extreme off-road driving then there are more options available, some quite complex.

An ingenious version of the roll cage is fitted to the new wave of convertible cars on the market. To look cooler the cars have no visible roll cage and all there is poking up from the body is the windshield. The actual roll cage, or roll hoop as it is known, is folded down in the rear of the car and it pops up when it is activated by a sensor in times of a roll over.