300Tdi Defender 110 LHD

This striking looking 300Tdi Defender 110 is a left hand drive and was built to be a new vehicle, from the ground up, using the 300tdi engine.

To turn this highly capable vehicle into a superb overland work horse this 100 has had the following items added.

  • Heavy duty bumper bar with bull bars, spot lights and a winch.
  • The roof rack holds a storage container, a roof tent and an extra spare wheel.
  • Also visible is the raised air intake for the engine.
  • The awning on the side adds comfort and shelter when setting up camp or dining in adverse weather conditions.

Overland 110 Defender Puma

This 110 Defender Puma is all set for its overland trip to Africa.

Aside from the usual additions like the bull bars, spot lights, raised air intake and roof rack, this 110 has a different style of side awning and also a unique style of roof tent.

Even today, with the hundreds of overland Land Rovers heading to Cape Town, it is still possible to stand out from the crowd.

A Foley 110 Defender Reaches Southern Africa

Another adventurous group of people have braved the harsh environment of the African continent and have reached Southern Africa.

Mountains, jungles, deserts and open savannah all traversed on a variety of road surfaces.

This 110 Defender has all the usual optional extras.

  • Steering and sump protection
  • Bull bars
  • Raised air intake
  • Roof rack
  • Roof tent
  • Side awning

Another Foley Overland Defender 110 reaches Cape Town

Another fully kitted out Land Rover 110 Defender reaches Cape Town, South Africa.

This vehicle has all the basic essentials fitted for a safe reliable journey over some seriously harsh terrain.

As you can see the 110 Defender has the following fitted –

  • Roof tent
  • Roof rack
  • Extra fuel jerry cans
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Running boards with steps
  • Bull Bars
  • Roll cage

The road the vehicle is parked next to is actually a smooth road compared to some of the horrors you must travel over on the way down south.

110 Defender 300 Tdi Overland Vehicle

This Land Rover 110 Defender 300 Tdi was built to a customer’s specification ready for overland travel.

The vehicle has an extensive list of extras added, making it more capable, tougher and practical than the standard 110.

  • Bull bars
  • Winch
  • Aluminium chequer plate wing top protectors
  • Aluminium chequer plate bonnet protection
  • Aluminium chequer plate sill protection
  • Roll cage
  • Roof rack
  • Roof tent
  • Sand ladders
  • Raised air intake

Land Rover 110 Defender

For a long time now the Land Rover 110 Defender has been the vehicle of choice for a huge variety of users; farmers, the military of many countries, travellers, expedition companies and any one else who wanted an extremely capable vehicle to go to extremely difficult places.

The 110 Defender started life in the early 80s, following on from the Series III, and it was considered a big improvement. Coil springs were fitted thus giving a more comfortable ride and better axle articulation. A permanent four wheel drive system, a two speed transfer gear box and a lockable centre differential were also added. Then, as the 110 Defender went through the years, a series of progressively more powerful and more modern engines were made available.

An expedition prepared 5 door 110 Defender

Various body styles are available and the thought of owning a 110 Defender is made more appealing to a wider market. There is the Station Wagon, this has a 5 door and 3 door model, both with a spacious rear storage area (this can be made larger in the 5 door model due to folding rear seats). There is a van version of the 110 Defender, with solid side panels (no windows). Also, there is the 110 pick up.

With the variations in the body shapes, its extreme off road capabilities, its ruggedness and reliability it is no surprise that the 110 Defender is the vehicle of choice for so many people and organizations.

  • the armed forces of many countries.
  • the police.
  • fire brigade.
  • mountain rescue.
  • Non Governmental Organizations in developing countries.
  • sporting events.
  • the farming and horse riding communities.
  • travellers and explorers

Even though the Defender came to be in 1983 Land Rover has been keeping the buying public on their toes. There have been a constant, yet unpredictable, stream of  ‘special editions’. These have been models with additional features such as different interior trim, alloy wheels, various expedition features to make the vehicle seem even more rugged and small changes to follow certain on going trends or events.

Overland Defender 110


A Land Rover Defender 110 built for a drive to Cape Town from London.

Some of the extras added to this vehicle include –

  • A raised air intake – this helps the engine to ‘breathe’ cleaner air and also to avoid taking in water during river crossings.
  • Bull bars are fitted to help protect the front of the vehicle in case of any minor collision.
  • A roll cage for added protection in the event of an accident.
  • A side awning extends to offer a protective shelter.
  • A heavy duty roof rack.
  • A roof tent

Defender 110 Overland


This Defender 110 was rebuilt and shipped to Hong Kong in Feb 2011 and is superbly equipped for all expedition environments.

This 110 Defender is extensively modified for a huge range of rugged terrain and environments.

It has the following items fitted –

  • A winch
  • Bull bars
  • Running board with step
  • Windscreen protection wires
  • Spot lamps
  • Roof Rack
  • Side awning
  • Roof tent