Exported 130 Defender

This Land Rover 130 Defender has a special aluminium rear canopy added to it – great for added security to items stored inside.

Also fitted there are –

  • bull bars
  • a sump/steering guard
  • a roll cage
  • full length roof rack
  • a spare wheel mounted on the roof rack

This 130 Defender was then exported to Angola.

Land Rover 130 Defender

In the mid 80s a new vehicle was added to the Land Rover line up. A vehicle which was to become the work-horse of the company. It was the 127, named, as most of the Land Rovers, due to its wheelbase. The 127 was meant to carry more weight and larger loads than the 110. This new heavy weight off-road vehicle was primarily aimed at utility and electrical companies, as well as military.

Production of the earlier 127s involved the cutting up of a 110 chassis, the adding of an extension piece and then welding the sections together. An early problem with the 127 was the lack of power, apart from a thirsty V8 engine. Around 1990 this matter was addressed with the availability of a more refined V8 and a turbo diesel option.

In the late 90s, with the addition of the 200tdi, the 127 became the Land Rover 130 Defender. The vehicle kept the same wheel base, was tidied up and the chassis was now construction in one piece.

As usual with the Defender range of vehicles there are a few options available –

A 130 Defender Crew Cab in Africa

Obviously there is the standard County Station Wagon which is a long wheel base family vehicle. This has the usual seating arrangement of the 110 Defender but has a large storage area in the rear, sometimes with bench seats along the sides. This vehicle would be ideal for someone who goes horse riding, no room in the trailer but plenty inside the vehicle itself for the equipment.

But, the model that has made the 130 Defender such a success is the 130 Crew Cab. This vehicle has the front arrangement of a 110 Defender, two seats up front and a row of three behind, this area is then made into a front cab. Then to the rear is either a pick up body or a box body. This vehicle means that workers can be transported to work areas and have their equipment in the rear. Travellers have used the 130 Crew Cab with a box body to travel in comfort due to the room to store more equipment. Also, the military in several countries use the 130 Crew Cab with various rear configurations  for troop equipment and movement .

130 Station Wagon, Mountain Rescue


This 130 Station Wagon was built by us and put into service with the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Service.

It features:

  • Heavy duty bumper and winch.
  • Sump and steering guard.
  • Raised air intake.
  • Chequer plate sill protection.
  • heavy duty, half length, roof rack.

This is the ideal vehicle for members of the emergency services who need to get to remote areas, no matter the weather or environment.